Electric Shaver Accessories

Electric Shaver Parts and Accessories

Although not the most glamourous of accessories and appliances, electric shavers are an extremely useful home implement to have. From tidying up beard hair, trimming pesky nostril hair and keeping other body hair tidy to acting as a lint remover from clothes, there's plenty of tasks for which they come in handy. Most shavers can be used wet or dry, so you don't have to worry about getting electric shocks in the shower or shaving foam causing damage to your machine. Rounded protective heads ensure it's very difficult to cut yourself, so you can relax even when using it on delicate or sensitive parts of your body.

Electric Shaver Adaptors and Wall Plugs

Electric shaver power chargers and cords charge the shaver battery from mains power. Having a spare one, or an adaptor for travel, is always a smart move. Many major brands will be able to connect to a universal adaptor or charger, and they're generally very affordable, making it an appealing option to use for travel, such as backpacking or where there's a chance it may get lost or damaged. A universal charger that plugs into a foreign socket is also very handy, as it saves the hassle of using an additional adaptor. This is an excellent option for those who travel frequently to other countries for work or visiting family. Most universal chargers are black, so chances are they will blend easily with your other accessories with a plug for the mains at one end, a cord of approximately one metre long and the charger plug.

Electric Shaver Heads

With time and regular use, shaver heads can wear out and need replacement. Rather than replacing the entire body of the shaver, you can simply replace the head whenever needed. Many companies create replacement heads at a low cost that are compatible with a variety of popular brands, so you can find cost-effective alternatives. Made from metal, they often come with a small brush to remove any debris and dust, and keep the shaver head clear.

Electric Shaver Cleaning Cartridges

Removing hair from the body is dealing with germs, and the shaver companies are aware of this. In order to keep shavers clean, some manufacturers make them with cleaning cartridges, which serve to clean the machine each time it's used, whisking away stubble and hair, and prevent the buildup of dead skin, hair cells and germs. Men's electric shaver cleaning cartridges help to keep the shaver heads clean, fresh and last longer, and they also eliminate chances of infection from germs.