Steam Your Way To Great Rice Or Veg With An Electric Steamer

Did you grow up eating vegetables that were boiled beyond recognition, that had all the colour leached out of them? If you did, it no doubt put you off eating certain vegetables because of the smell and the fact, they just didn’t even look appealing. Times have changed and the electric vegetable steamer was created. We now know the health benefits of steaming vegetables over boiling them. eBay has a variety of steamers available for you to purchase, in various sizes and used for various reasons. You will find stainless-steel, bamboo, plastic, silicone, and aluminium steamers.

Considerations when buying electric steamer

  • First, you should consider the capacity of the Electric Steamer. There are different models for various needs. The more capacity a steamer has, the more you’ll likely pay. The smaller models are suitable for single portions, while larger ones can cook up to a dozen pieces or more. And remember, a larger steamer often takes longer to cook. 
  • Another factor you should consider when buying an electric steamer is the number of its cooking compartments. Some steamers can steam multiple ingredients at once. However, different ingredients need different temperatures and cooking times. So, you may need to purchase an electric steamer with two or more compartments. If you intend to use the electric steamer for a long time, make sure the water reservoir is close enough to the power source to not overheat.
  • A good steamer should have easy-to-use controls and a timer. A dial model may be easier to read, but it will likely fade as you use it over time. Digital models will have a clear LCD display.
  • An electric steamer should be dishwasher-safe. The water level in the steamer should be visible. If you're using it for rice, you should ensure that you have the right amount of water. If the steamer has multiple tiers, it can be easier to spill liquid on the lower levels. It can lead to messy rice. 

There are plenty of varieties of steamer, including stainless steel electric steamer and plastic electric steamers.

Know what features you want in your new electric steamer before you begin your search. Then pull up a chair, get comfortable, set your filters, and start shopping. Check manufacturer’s warranties on your product and consider adding some new tongs to your cart before you finalise your purchase. Many sellers offer Afterpay on eligible items, allowing you to buy now and pay off over four installments.