Electric Trolling Motor

If the conditions are right, taking your boat out is a great way to spend time on the weekend. You might head out in an inflatable to a beach slowly cruise the estuary looking for a fishing spot. Or you might have a tinny or larger boat to take out for the days catch. Whatever your interest, your boat needs a good electric boat motor, one that helps you either troll waterways quietly or one with power to get you places fast. eBay has you covered when it comes to a selection of great electric outboard motors.

Trolling Motors

Trolling for fish in your inflatable dinghy or tinny in various bodies of water is a fine art. To do so, youll want a quiet electric trolling moto to take you where the fish are biting. Find electric trolling motors that help you find fish quietly at a maximum 15km/hr, thanks to the three blade propeller. The 12 volt electric battery has low power consumption, allowing you to the time you need to net a good one. Trolling motors are made from aluminium alloy and nylon, lightweight, and resistant to rust and corrosion.

Outboard motors

If you need an electric outboard motor, you can choose from a range of well known brands online every day on eBay. Yahama, Tohatsu, Evinrude, Suzuki and Mercury all offer a range of horsepowers for you to browse. With electric transmission start up, you can power your boat with a 2 stroke or 4 stroke, 3-4 propeller engine. The engine you buy will depend on the size of the boat that you have. Some electric outboard engines are compact and portable, while the large outboards are usually bolted to the transom of the boat.

Whether you are a salt water or freshwater enthusiast looking for fish or taking a pleasure ride, check out eBay today for complete outboard engines that can help put you in the best position to enjoy your time out on the water.