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The sound is electric

An electric violin is ideal if you want to get all of the qualities of an acoustic violin but with the face-melting qualities of an electric guitar. An electric violin is unlike any other instrument and it consists of four strings and they are made by brands such as Yamaha, Leonardo, Harley Benton and even Valentino.

An electric violin by Yamaha will allow you to play a huge range of music with the pickup. The sound of an electric violin by Yamaha or any other brand will produce a sound that is depending on the pickup you have and the bow you are using.

Electric Violin Components

The electric violin, as an instrument consists of a G string, D string, A string and E string. It also has a headstock and tuning pegs. Each of these components ultimately amounts to the quality of the violin. The electric violin instrument does not rely on the body of the violin as much to produce a sound.

They instead rely on electric piezoelectric microphones that are either built into the body of the violin or the base of the neck. An experienced violin instrumentalist may want to opt for an onboard preamp however this is an investment for someone who is not experienced with a violin bow.

The Sound of an Electric Violin

Cheaper electric violins have circuitry to make the sound better, however, this can cause a reverb effect which may not always be desired. The electric violin sounds much different to the acoustic violin and it is designed to play a range of music, such as metal, rock, classical and even country. An electric violin can be connected to an amplifier or a computer to adjust the sound, however, it is more than possible for it to be played acoustically.

If youre new to this type of instrument, then youll want to look at the range of electric violins for beginners, whilst more advanced can look at similarly specialist instruments.

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