Got one to sell?

Got one to sell?

Get it in front of 160+ million buyers.

Stop ruining your back! With the bargain prices electric hoists are selling for on eBay, there is no excuse to still be lifting heavy objects the old fashioned way - unless of course you're doing it for exercise! For less than the cost of a visit to your chiropractor, you can have a basic 250/500kg electric hoist do the hardest of hard work for you.

Whether in the workshop, warehouse or garage, electric hoists can be mounted to an overhead beam or roof and make quick work of any lifting job. Popular with mechanics for removing engines and hoisting heavy car parts, cabinet makers for accessing the underside of heavy furniture, warehouses for getting heavy goods from the ground level up to a first or second floor, plus a myriad of other commercial applications, once you've had access to an electric hoist winch you'll wonder how you survived without it. Most operate from standard 240V mains sockets and feature remote controls with emergency stop switches.

How heavy do I need?

Electric hoists are rated by their lifting capacity in kg and tend to be priced accordingly, as more heavy duty units require more heavy duty and expensive components in their manufacture. Besides their lifting capacity, sellers will often list the cable length which is important for determining how high you can lift or suspend objects.

Lifting capacity often appears as two figures, for example, 400/800kg. The first figure is based on single rope lifting, whilst the second figure is based on double rope lifting. Using a double rope setup also reduces the lifting height and speed.

As capable as electric hoists are, they can't do all the practical lifting. eBay is the place to turn for a range of different types of car lifts, hoists and jacks as well as other automotive power tools. Check out all the great options available online today!

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