Electrical & Ignition Wiring Harnesses, Cables & Connectors for Motorcycles & Scooters

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An integral part of the way your motorcycle works, motorcycle wires and electrical cabling all have a special task to do to ensure an excellent, safe riding experience. Whether you opt for branded or unbranded, generic motorcycle wires and electrical cabling, you can feel confident knowing you have all the correct components for your bike to run seamlessly and securely.

Get Your Motor Running

Motorcycle ignition cables and wires are not only important; they're crucial. Motorcycle ignition cables require replacement when you begin to notice your bike stalling frequently. Along with ignition coils, ignition cables work in conjunction with other parts, including spark plugs and coils, to ensure your bike starts up like it's supposed to. Add custom fit ignition wires to fit specific makes and models of motorcycles.

Recharge Your Batteries

Motorcycle wiring comes in many forms, and battery cables are a type of wiring you'll see often. These convenient cables deliver power from the solenoid to the battery and starter, and they come in many styles and sizes according to the specific type you require. Typically made of copper and available in sizes including 4-gauge and 8-gauge, these flexible, coated vinyl cables offer heat shielded ends. Motorcycle battery cables come in universal fits too, which can be modified by a motorcycle expert.

Down to the Wire

A wiring harness generally comes in a kit that includes several types of necessary motorcycle wiring. The wires generally connect different parts of the bike to the power source, such as the handlebars, speedometer, or lights. These harness kits make up the main motorcycle wiring system, and when the various parts work together, they provide power to the necessary parts of the bike they feed into. There are specific wiring harnesses for every use, and some fit specific bikes, so make sure you purchase the right kit for the job.

Charge It

One of the most recognisable motorcycle cables is the USB cable. These adaptors fit onto the bike and allow you to easily connect your smartphone or MP3 player. A USB charging cable adaptor comes in many lengths to fit every need, and the chargers are also useful for dirt bikes and ATVs.