Travel Electrical Adaptors

Travelling internationally with electronic devices has become so common that many people need more than one travel adaptor to charge all their gear. Due to the fact that socket type and voltage differs from one country to another, buying the right adaptors may be confusing even for the more seasoned travellers. The selection of travel adapters on eBay makes it possible to find the right model for your next trip quickly.

What types of power sockets are there?

The type of socket used in the country you intend to travel to is the most important thing to take into account. There are 15 different types of electrical sockets around the world, and some adapters work with more than one. Moreover, many countries in the same area use the same kind, but you can also find identical plugs in countries far from each other. For example, the Type I sockets used in Australia and New Zealand are also used in China and Argentina.

What should I consider when buying a travel plug?

Besides the type of socket, you should also make sure the travel plug you purchase works with your electrical devices. While most modern technology doesn't require a converter, some items that are used as a heat source need to modify the electrical current to fit a country's voltage standards. Some plug converters don't work with all kinds of electronics, with examples including steam irons, hair straighteners and various home appliances, such as mini fridges or blenders. Check the voltage in your destination country to decide whether you need a plug converter.

Are multi-region plugs as reliable as single-region ones?

Universal plug adapters are a good choice for those travellers who visit multiple countries regularly. They are just as reliable as single-region ones while covering most of the countries on the planet, but they are also bulkier, so the size may become an issue if you're travelling light. Their weight also makes them more prone to fall out of the socket. Smaller adapters, on the other hand, are more affordable and easier to manoeuvre, but you may need more than one if you travel often.