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Electrolux Vacuum Cleaners

When you're on a crusade against dirt, consider using an Electrolux vacuum cleaner as your go-to appliance. Since its first model launched in the 1920s, Electrolux has developed a complete line of vacuums, including canister and handheld types. Discover the merits of each and how they can, individually or in combination, join you in your war against grime.


A dust cup replaces a traditional bag to reduce the time you spend on maintenance and the cost of replacement bags. You won't need to replace the cup unless it gets damaged. Electrolux bagless vacuums have a viewing window so you can see when the cup needs emptying. This means you don't need to stop the machine like you normally would to see if the collection bag is full. Most contain a hand-washable HEPA filter that keeps dirt from flying into the air. You simply clean it with soap and water to remove debris.


Canister vacuum cleaners have a compact shape with wheels that glide across a variety of floor surfaces. They come with onboard tools, such as a crevice attachment to get into tight areas and brushes to clean upholstery, drapes, and other household objects. The adjustable height powerhead, wide cleaning width, and long cord length are features you'll enjoy when moving from room to room. You'll be able to pick up pet hair, dropped chips, or whatever happens to fall on the floor and shatters.


Suck up dirt on stairways, vehicle interiors, and pick up loose dirt using Electrolux handheld vacuums. They are available as separate machines; however, some upright and stick Electrolux vacuums include a handheld vacuum that snaps into their frames. You can use it to manoeuvre around chair legs, under furniture, and take it with you when camping or travelling.


Uprights store easily inside a closet to save space. They may include a quick-release wand to reach up high to remove cobwebs or lower areas, such as floor corners. Some come with a self-cleaning brush roller that removes long hair from the bristles automatically when you push a button. These Electrolux appliances have plenty of suction power so you can finish vacuuming quicker and devote your attention to other tasks.