Electronic Components & Semiconductors

Get your electronics up and running again with electronic components

All electronics are made up of components that are vital for making it run correctly. Whether the equipment is large or small, these electronic components may need replacing or upgrading to ensure your equipment stays fully functional. There is a huge selection of electronic components from semiconductors and display modules to capacitors and LEDs, for a wide variety of electronic equipment. Youll also find top brands such as Texas Instruments, STMicroelectronics, Vishay and Panasonic or many generic and unbranded electronics on offer.

Power components

There is an extensive range of capacitors available to suit a range of projects. They are often used in electronic equipment such as televisions, radios and digital cameras. A capacitor is a component that has the ability to store energy in the form of a charge. Some capacitors are very small and are used on computer boards. Some are also easy to install if they need to be replaced whereas others will need a steady hand and possible some expert help in restoring your equipment to its former glory.

Resistors and kits

Resistors are common electronic components which feature in a huge range of variety of electronic equipment. If youre looking for a specific resistor or a kit with a number of Ohm ranges, there is a selection of multipacks and kits available. Many kits work well for a number of applications and provide colour coding to help you read the resistance correctly.


LEDs are often found in common devices such as digital clock displays, video recorders and microwave ovens. They are also used as indicator lamps for equipment such as TVs. They can be purchased in a range of colours including bright white, red, green and blue. If you need to replace LEDs, there is a variety of pack sizes in different diameters to fit a range of equipment.