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Electronic Dog Automatic Feeders

When you're out of town or at work, you don't want your pet to go hungry. Electronic dog automatic feeders ensure your pet eats when it's meal time, and you don't even have to be there to feed him. Available in a variety of styles, dog automatic feeders come with a variety of features you can use to interact with your pet as well as provide him or her with food and water when you're away. Adjustable and programmable, these feeders offer benefits for busy pet owners who want to make sure their furry friends never miss a meal.

Smart Feeders

With all the bells and whistles that today's tech can provide, smart feeders step it up a notch and offer multiple feeding features. This food dispenser is anything but basic. You can sync the feeder up with an app on your phone, which allows you to control the feeder remotely. You can even video chat with your dog to reassure him you'll be home soon. Compatible with iPhone or Android mobile phones, you can control the portions as well as when feedings occur via the app, and the feeder weighs and measures food to ensure your pet gets just the right amount. Useful for cats and dogs up to 22kg, smart feeders give you peace of mind when you're away from the house.

Programmable Feeders

Traditional programmable feeders use an LCD screen to allow you to adjust your pet's feeding schedule. Simply set the dispenser to feed your pet up to four times a day, as much as ten portions per meal. You can even record your own voice on the feeders telling your canine companion that it's time to eat. These user-friendly feeders are battery-powered for convenience, and since they're so simple to use, they work well for travel, making them portable dog automatic feeders.

Automatic Feeders

Low-tech but still useful automatic feeders allow your dogs or cats to graze throughout the day. As the bowl at the bottom goes low, a sensor detects your animals need food and dispenses just the right amount to fill the bowl throughout the day. Perfect for cats, who nibble all day, or small dogs who enjoy breaking up their mealtimes, these feeders guarantee your pet never faces an empty bowl, no matter what time of day it is. These come in a variety of sizes depending on your pet's size and the number of pets you have, making it easy to customise the feeder to your specific situation.


Although your pets may have the nutrition they need, ensure they have water as well with automatic drinkers. These come in a variety of designs, including a combination bottle and bowl that pets can drink out of, or an automatic waterer that refills the bowl as it lowers, making sure your dog or cat always has a freshly filled bowl. Another option is a pet drinking fountain, which provides clean, filtered water to your pet around the clock, and the free-falling water is appealing for all animals and encourages them to hydrate as necessary.

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