Electronic Keyboards

Music Keyboards

Pianos and organs are popular options for the home that embraces the sound of music, but the modern option to that is buying a music keyboard instead. This compact instrument provides most of the capacity of its bigger, more traditional cousins, with some even offering more.

Types of Music Keyboards

These musical instruments come in several types, including synthesisers, arrangers, portable keyboards, and music workstations. Portable keyboards are perfect for those who would like to carry their instrument on the go, or generally have smaller spaces at home to park their instrument. Music workstations are pricey and more suited for those with more space that want to maximise their experience by having a keyboard that can combine the capabilities of all the other types on the market. The traditional keyboard that most people refer to when they use the word "keyboard" is the arranger keyboard, while synthesizers produce more unique kinds of sound than your traditional key-based instrument.

Features to Consider

The number of keys on the keyboard is something to take into consideration, as the keys can go as little as 25 up to 88 just like a regular piano. Besides that, the action of the keyboard affects how keys feel when they are pressed upon, and MIDI compatibility is important if one intends to use that interface in playing. The input/output options, controllers, and storage options of the keyboard are also key to ponder over, as these affect how much one can do with their keyboard. Besides that, some additional add-ons that may come in handy on these instruments include samplers, sequencers, and arpeggiators.

Keyboard Accessories

Complete the keyboard journey with accessories such as keyboard stands to place the keyboard on and keyboard cases to protect the instrument from the elements. For an added touch, go old school and get some sheet music to play with, and add a stool for added comfort.