Got one to sell?

Got one to sell?

Get it in front of 160+ million buyers.

Be in your element

If you're on the lookout for that cool, top of the range, high quality Element Skateboard which will be sure to compliment your pro-skating abilities taking you right to the next level of skateboarding, then the choice is yours. Perfect for that birthday or Christmas gift for your son or daughter. Shop a wide range of boys, girls and adult Element Skateboards with awesome features and bright stylish colours, right here online, on eBay. You will be right in your element, that's for sure.

Choice of colours

Skate looking stylish and cool while riding hard on your board with all different ranges of coloured skateboards to your liking. Maybe you are an old fashioned type of person and you just prefer ordinary black that will make you look retro. Or maybe you've got that bling styled fashion sense and you prefer your deck to stand out from the rest, with an eye catching multicoloured patterns and designs. These stunning artistic decks will be sure to make you look the part whether it be down in the park, or at a challenging skate park. Shop a wide range of coloured, multicoloured and black Element Skateboards, right here on eBay.

Element skateboard features

Essential features that will enable you to do all your tricky, skilled skating manoeuvres while looking cool in the meantime. Skate the streets freely and indulge in high quality 52mm 95A wheels, polished and sparkling new trucks and 8 inch decks that are perfect for street skating, making you execute those highly skilled tricks in front of your mates and fellow skaters. Shop a wide range of cool, high quality and awesome Element Skateboarding equipment for you and your board that will ensure you get the coolest possible ride, all at an affordable price right here on eBay.

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