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Elgin Antique Pocket Watches

Elgin watches parts, and accessories are known for their reliability and durability. The high quality construction means that many Elgin watches last a very long time and become antiques. There are men’s and women’s Elgin antique pocket watches available and they feature an array of different colours and styles. With so many to choose from, you can find one that suits your unique tastes.

Elgin Men’s Antique Pocket Watches

Men’s antique Elgin pocket watches are stylish and memorable men’s accessories. These antique and vintage pocket watches mainly feature large faces with bold black numbers or roman numerals to mark the time. They come in sterling silver or yellow gold and you can find them open faced or with a protective cover over the face. Many of them feature decorative engraving on the body of the watch as well as the cover. Most of them are round but some feature an octagonal shape.

Elgin Women’s Antique Pocket Watches

Elgin women’s antique pocket watches are typically smaller than the men’s varieties. They are also available in either silver or gold but they tend to have smaller faces as well as smaller overall body sizes. Some of them even feature compartments to hold a photograph, like a locket. They frequently feature delicate floral engravings around the edges of the watch face as well as on the watch body.