Strum, pick and play all day with Elixir guitar strings from eBay 

Whether you're a weekend picker who likes to pick up your guitar every once and while and muck around or somebody who's constantly hitting pubs and other venues to play gigs, you know a guitar or bass isn't going to be worth much if you don't have good, dependable strings to go along with it. That's where Elixir comes in. 

Like a longtime bandmate with whom you've been playing for years or that sensational singer who can add harmony to your duet, Elixir guitar and bass strings can help you reach new playing heights. One of the best-selling strings in music, Elixir's range of guitar strings are used by some of the world's biggest and best performers, standing up to show after show and marathon recording sessions. 

The excellence of Elixir 

Elixir acoustic guitar or bass strings and electric guitar and bass strings not only keep their tone quality higher for longer, but also make sure the 10 money makers on your hands stay in good working order. Their patented NANOWEB and POLYWEB coating options mean less friction on your fingers and more music making, giving you one less thing to worry about when you're crafting new tunes or playing the hits. 

With thousands of options for buying Elixir guitar and bass strings online, eBay can have you stringing up your instrument and hitting the stage or recording booth in no time. Check out the various string gauges today and find what you need to jam out.