Find your next dream gown by searching Elle Zeitoune dresses, old and new, on eBay. 

Your 17-year-old teen has been absolutely pestering you for the perfect formal dress for what feels like months now. The company you work for is hosting its first ever charity ball and you have not a thread to wear. You've got a special six-course dinner booked and you think they might just be popping the question. Whatever your gown needs may be, Elle Zeitoune has the sequined, silk, or detailed-bodice high-fashion solution you're looking for.

Established in early 2010, the Australian label has gone onto being sold in stores throughout Turkey, South Africa, United Kingdom, New Zealand, United States, Canada, and Ireland.

The well-loved brand has since drawn admiration across social media, amassing 102,000+ Instagram followers and 47,000+ Facebook likes. 

The Aussie designs also happen to be favourites of the producers of a little reality television show called The Bachelor. Heard of it? 

Elle Zeitoune designs are renowned for its feminine elegance, creative cuts and classy finishes, meaning they're suited to occasions of all kinds: formals, weddings, balls, red carpet appearances, cocktail parties and those special dinners that call for something a little spectacular. 

On eBay, you'll find Elle Zeitoune dresses with a thigh-split to turn heads, lacy numbers to sport during racing season and asymmetrical looks to make you stand out as one modern, fashion-forward style maven. There are even Elle Zeitoune tweed jackets and form-fitting work skirts when you feel like you need to make a statement in the office. 

Go on, spoil yourself. How often do you get to wear the perfect dress.