Elvis Presley Vinyl Records

Invite Elvis into your home every night with Elvis Presley vinyl records

The King of Rock and Roll, The Pelvis, or the Big E u001a however you like to refer to him, Elvis Presley may have left the building but he will forever be in our hearts. The Memphis crooner wowed audiences all over the world with the first release of his hit song u001aHeartbreak Hotel way back in February of 1956, and went on to become one of the greatest figures in 20th century popular music.

Influenced by rockabilly, blues, R&B, country, gospel, and pop, there really was no other musical performer who left such a lasting mark in the entertainment industry. In addition to releasing 57 albums, Elvis also went on to star in 34 Hollywood films, cementing his reputation as a talented entertainer and u001anot just a pretty face. If youre an Elvis fanatic or have only just been introduced to this singer, you can add to or begin your collection with Elvis Presley vinyl records, found online on eBay.

Who was Elvis Presley?

Born January 8 in 1935, the rock u001an roll star really needs no introduction. His handsome looks, his hair, that sneer, and the moves u001a Elvis had it all. The definition of charisma, Elvis Presley pushed the limits to create provocative dance moves that in layer years paved the way for Mick Jagger and other Rock & Roll artists. With his sudden and unexpected passing in 1977, Elvis remains an icon to this day. To quote: "Elvis Presley. Fifty million fans cant be wrong."

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