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Emergency blankets for every first aid bag

Emergency blankets, which are also known as space blankets, are blankets designed to be low-weight, low bulk and made of a heat reflective sheeting. The design means you can reduce heat loss on people who wear them, minimises water evaporation and convection. Here on eBay, there are a variety of emergency blankets on offer so that you can find the perfect product depending on the features you require.

Range of uses

These blankets have a range of uses, principally they are for emergency first aid and commonly found in any standard first aid bag. They are typically waterproof and windproof to help the person stay warm whilst they wait for help. Due to their compact size, they are easy to fit into very small spaces and carried around anywhere which is why you see many backpackers also carry them when tackling the hilly terrain as its useful at night for them and convenient to carry.

Emergency blankets are also used for post-sporting activities such as marathon running. After such sport, the body sweats a lot and cools down fast. So it is beneficial to have an emergency blanket with you until your body regains its normal temperature after such an intense workout like this.

Find a blanket from a brand your trust

On eBay, there are a variety of different emergency blankets on offer from brands such as Coghlans to Sol to Rotco and much more on offer. The blankets are typically able to retain about 90 percent of body heat, come in either gold or silver and sizes vary from the popular 160 x 210cm size and above depending on how many people you need to wrap up at once.

Regardless of which blanket you decide to pick you can be sure to feel safe and ready for when you venture out on your next expedition.