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Its common knowledge that a dull office isn't a fun place to work. Its also well-known that employees like to stay in jobs where they are treated well and appreciated. If you own an office or business and your employees are starting to give you dirty looks, maybe it's time to invest in a few extra touches to make their lives easier! Here are just a few of the things you could do that you can find on eBay.

Coffee Machines

If your office doesn't offer coffee in some form, chances are your employees could be happier. And probably more awake and productive! While there's no need to hire an in-house barista, a little caffeine goes a long way, especially if your employees have been used to it in previous jobs. Have a browse of the great and affordable range of coffee machines available on eBay and put some smiles back on their faces.

Office Radio

While some people do work best in complete silence, a bit of background chat and music can completely change the atmosphere in an office. If your employees have been looking a bit sleepy, music could be what it takes to get them feeling positive and motivated. You can choose from any size of radio, from built in stereo systems to digital clock radios, so you can all stay on time as well as listen to tunes.

Employee time clocks

Time attendance clocks might not make your employees much happier, but it should save them some time! Rather than using old-school methods of signing in via email or even a written system, a time clock allows your employees to clock in at the door when they arrive. This means no need to rack their brains on a Friday afternoon to remember the weeks' hours, as it's already done! You can choose from a card reader system or even fingerprint recognition to get their hours recorded.

Whether you're looking for print supplies, new gadgets or even handy portable breathalysers to check on overly wild employees, eBay is the place to come for your office and business needs! Check out the wide selection available today.

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