Enamel Signs

People collect all sorts of items, including things that may seem strange to most. Historical pieces are always popular among collectors, and they help to keep yesteryear alive. Enamel signs were produced for about 70 years, from around 1880 to 1950 and were often used for advertising, as well as street signs. Today, many enamel signs, both original vintage signs and reproductions, are available for sale.

Petrol Signs

Enamel signs were especially popular as advertising signs for petrol and oil companies. Many of these companies have come and gone over the years. Some, such as BP, Mobil and Shell, continue to this day. Others, including Golden Fleece and Texaco, have either disappeared from Australia or merged with other companies. However, all of these fuel retailers can be remembered through their vintage signs. And with companies often changing their logos throughout their lives, vintage signs can be a great source for recording an organisation's logo history.

Decorative Signs

The use of enamel signs isn’t restricted to just advertising. Decorative enamel plaques and signs are also available. These include vintage street signs and house numbers, as well as modern enamel door signs, including 'Bathroom' or 'Office' or warning signs likes 'Beware of the dog'.

Other Collectable Advertising Items

In addition to enamel signs, there are many other collectable advertising items. These can include vintage shop and product signs made from other materials, shop displays, stickers, badges, toys, matchbooks, print advertising, rulers and more.

Quirky Collectables

As well as the more 'normal' types of collectables, there are many seemingly odd items about. How about a tractor-shaped soap dispenser or a cow grazing permit? Maybe cereal box toys are more to your liking or historic biscuit or cigarette tins. Or maybe start a collection of money boxes of yesteryear from various banks. Whatever your interests, you have a huge range of collectable items to consider.