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If you're an athlete, it takes a lot of hard work to perform at your best. It also takes the right kind of fuel. Because Endura is one of the world leaders in the manufacture of high-quality formulated sports nutrition products, it pays to include their products as part of your meal plan. Although they've been tested by many of Australia's top athletes, they're great for sports people competing at any level. 

Endura is part of Health World, renowned as being Australia's leading health science company. This partnership allows the makers of Endura sports products to take advantage of the latest research and technical know-how, ensuring your product is manufactured with evidence-based techniques and ingredients. This means, you can trust Endura to provide with all the nutrients you need to perform at your peak. 

Endura products help your performance with products including protein and magnesium for muscle development and support, re-hydration to replace electrolytes lost while doing strenuous exercise through sweat, Carnitine and specialised carbohydrates for increased energy levels, a ginseng herb mix to help you reach peak levels and a special blend to help you recover. Whatever your sports nutrition needs, there's a product to help you. 

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