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Engel Camping Ice Boxes & Coolers

Engel Camping Ice Boxes Coolers

Keep your food cold even when youre away from home with the Engel coolers for camping. You can enjoy cold drinks in your Engel fridge or even keep ice cream and other perishables in the Engel fridge freezer.


You will find various options for Engel camping ice fridges and freezers. One option is the fridge and freezer combination which keeps some items cool in the one compartment and others frozen in separate compartments. This camping ice box expands the kind of items you can take on your trip. A thermo electric cooler keeps food cold or warm and plugs into your vehicle.


These Engel coolers vary in size, and youll want to choose the model large enough to best suit your needs. Small units may hold eight litres while larger coolers can take up to 40 litres of stuff. You will need to consider how much you want to take with you as well as the amount of space in your vehicle.


Youll want to consider the various features which come with these coolers. Some will include a battery indicator to let you know when its time to plug the cooler in and rubber corners to protect walls and other areas as you wheel it around. Those with digital controls provide a more precise setting for your food. You can find some with reversible lids or handles which double as tie downs so the cooler can be placed on top of your vehicle.


All Engel coolers and ice boxes are designed to keep foods at a certain temperature. Some may come with a steel casing, steel lid and handles for added durability. They may have wheels to make transporting easier. Most include handles for carrying. There may be multiple compartments so you can store items more efficiently.