English horse bits from happy hacker to endurance rider

Whether you're new to horse riding, or an experienced equestrian, one of the most important pieces of a bridle, is the good old-fashioned bit. It's imperative that you buy the right size and type of bit for your steed, as the wrong type of bit could cause pain, and damage, that could end with a hefty vet bill.

You may be looking for a bit suitable for dressage, or one for driving. Made from many different materials, such as stainless steel, plastic, and rubber, there is a wide range of English horse bits for you to choose from on eBay.

Choosing the right bit

The Loose Ring Snaffle is the most common type of bit and can be used in most disciplines. If you need something with a bit more control, you might want to opt for a Kimberwick or a Full Cheek Snaffle from Sprenger.

Ride your horse with maximum ease, with a Myler Loose Ring Stainless Steel Snaffle, which is designed to promote the perfect balance on your horse's mouth, jaw, and tongue. Opt for the traditional Jointed Eggbutt Snaffle for stability and sturdiness, that will enable your horse to stretch forwards and down.


Make sure your horse has everything it needs from saddles to bridles and tack. Accessories such as rubber bit guards, will provide your horse with maximum comfort, and mouth protection. Bit guards work with most types of bit and help prevent pinching, and rubbing. Made of high quality, long lasting rubber that will ensure durability, and long lasting usage.

Perhaps you need some Pelham Roundings. Made from top quality leather, they are sturdy, strong and durable, and are designed so that a Pelham bit can be used with just one set of reins, instead of two. Make your horse stand out, with a huge selection of horse bit accessories right here, online on eBay.