English Horse Saddle Pads

Like with Western horse saddles, English horse saddle come in a variety of shapes and sizes and serve different purposes. Having a good quality pad will not only help you ride, but protect your horse and ensure its health and safety when you're riding.

What are Saddle Pads Made of?

  • Sheepskin. If riding during colder months and you need a little extra padding between yourself and the horse, sheepskin saddle pads are an excellent choice. While on the more expensive end of the spectrum, these saddle pads are high quality and show amazing craftsmanship.
  • Gel. A new advancement in saddle pads, gel pads provide excellent cushioning but also have a cooling effect and are a big advantage when riding long hours or the temperature is climbing.
  • Cotton. The most classic of saddle pads, cotton saddle pads are a quilted pad that provide a layer of cushioning between the saddle and the horse. As these are the oldest and most traditional, their usefulness has a reliable history.

What are the different types of English horse saddles?

  • Event Saddle. Also known as the all-purpose saddle, this saddle has a deep seat with the flaps more forward, which allows them to pad under the rider's legs.
  • Jumping Saddle. This saddle comes with English disciplines in mind like show jumping or fox hunting. It has the balance of the seat set further back and is more flat. The cantle and pommel are lower so as to not interfere with the rider.
  • Dressage Saddle. This saddle has a very deep seat with straight flaps. The pommel is also higher and the flaps are minimally padded.
  • Saddle Seat Saddle. The saddle is longer and flatter with the pommel cut back to allow for more freedom of movement. The flaps are wide and have no blocks or rolls.
  • English Show Saddle. This saddle shows off the horse's conformation. The seat is flat with the flaps set forwards and the pommel is low.
  • Sidesaddle. Harkening back from when women rode sidesaddle, this saddle has only one stirrup and two pommels with a flat seat.
  • Racing Saddle. The seat of this saddle is flat along with the pommel and cantle. The stirrups are also forward to accommodate the rider.
  • Polo Saddle. Great for matches, the seat is flat and the flaps are long and have little padding.