Enterprise Firewall & VPN Devices

Enterprise Firewall and VPN Devices

Keeping the data safe from prying eyes is important both at home and in the office. You can lock documents inside cabinets, but virtual data and communications require some more protection than just physical because they could leak through the Internet. Enterprise firewall and VPN devices create barriers between the sensitive data and hackers and are thus important to use. Learn more about these safety devices and find one for your company.

Basics of VPN

"VPN" stands for virtual private network and in an office environment it provides the Internet users a secure connection to the companys network server. This is as good as having a private line. With a VPN line, it is possible to transmit data safely, so unauthorised people cannot intercept it. Enterprise VPN devices allow you to securely extend the companys internal network beyond the physical boundaries. The secure connection between the companys network and the employees computer is the VPN tunnel. Some companies do not even allow access to internal networks without a VPN connection.

Basics of Firewall

The firewall is a software or hardware that keeps the enterprises network safe from intrusions. Companies often also use enterprise firewalls to restrict access to sensitive data that not all employees should see. Large companies often implement a proxy server to route all their communications through it and this is part of their firewall.

Differences Between VPN and Firewall

The VPN and firewall differ in terms of their location. The VPN stands between the employees computer and company network. The firewall protects the entire enterprise network from outside intruders. The firewall stands between the company network and the outside, while the VPN is inside the company.

Why Choose Enterprise Devices

Firewall and VPN devices for home use might seem tempting because of their lower price, but they do not provide a sufficient amount of protection. Enterprise devices are much more powerful and deliver a better shield against intruders. Home devices may not be enough for enterprises.