Enterprise Network Servers, Clients & Terminals

Enterprise network servers, clients and terminals enable businesses to centrally host resources and applications making them accessible remotely, regardless of platform and location of the end user device. It takes a business' online capabilities and multiplies them tendfold. With an enterprise network server, you can enable connected users to view and use company resources from anywhere. Once you've connected the enterprise network thin clients and print servers, you will be able to run and monitor your business transactions from a single centralised point.

High connectivity

Connectivity is one of the major considerations that you should make when you are looking to buy a server. While every server on the market includes built-in networking, if you intend to run virtual servers off it, you will need to ensure high connectivity so that it works the way it should. Thanks to server virtualisation, you can decrease your operational costs and get far more value for your money.

Sufficient storage

Enterprise network servers come with storage large enough to cover the needs of your business as well as support future growth. In fact, most of the servers allow the use of two internal hard drives and there are different storage sizes to choose from depending on your budget and the size of your business.

Easy to manage

Enterprise network, client and terminals are manageable from a central point allowing you to effortlessly monitor your entire network. If there are issues, administrators can easily detect and troubleshoot all problems from a single terminal.

Easy to install and upgrade

The hardware is simple to install and it takes little time to configure. The whole setup is flexible and can easily scale up as your business grows. Enterprise network servers, clients and terminals are also highly compatible and can seamlessly integrate with your existing hardware and software.