Enterprise Network Thin Clients

Fast processing with enterprise network thin clients

Keep your corporate network safe and lean with the great range of enterprise network thin clients available right here on eBay. With the simplicity and ease of online shopping, you don’t even need to leave the comfort of the office to do your shopping.

Putting the thin in a enterprise network thin client

You’ve set up an enterprise network to ensure that your business has the communication backbone it needs. Your computers and other devices connect across departments and your data management is top notch. But now you’re in need of an enterprise network thin client. An enterprise network thin client, also known as an enterprise network lean client, is a budget friendly computer that relies on the company’s server to do most of the processing. The word thin is used due to the fact that a thin client is limited solely to essential applications, and is therefore relatively small and light compared to a standard computer. The benefits of a enterprise network thin client is they are centrally managed, not as vulnerable to malware, last longer, use less power, and are more budget friendly.

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