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Entry Door Lock Sets

Door Handle Lock Sets

Choosing the right door handles and locking mechanisms is one of the most important parts of both renovating and building a new home. Door handles are one of the most noticeable parts of a house because to move around within the house, every person that enters it will probably have to touch them. Different style handles will suit different buildings, and choosing the right style is important. If you are unsure about what type of door handles and other door hardware you need, your local builder should be able to help you out.

Different Types of Locking Mechanisms

There are a number of door locking mechanisms on the market. Many of these are quite simple, and don't offer any real security. However, some are very secure and almost unbreakable, and are suitable for use on external doors. Some of the most popular types of locking mechanisms include deadbolts, DIN cylinders, handle locks and cam locks.

Latch and Bolt Mechanisms

Latch and bolt mechanisms are among the more secure types of door locks. They are very hard to break through, and they usually go on external doors to prevent unwanted intruders entering a home. Consider several varieties of latches and bolts on the market, so choosing one that suits your home shouldn't be a problem!

Choosing the Right Door

Choosing door handles and locking mechanisms isn't the only hard thing; you also have to decide what sort of door you are going to use! There is a very wide range of different doors and door hardware on the market. Some doors are plain, while others come with a lot of decorative elements. Consider the material that the door uses and its colour in comparison to both your door handles and your house's paint or siding colour. Doing so will ensure that you are left with a house to be proud of once the building process is finished!