Epilators & Electrolysis

Epilators and Electrolysis

Epilators, designed to keep skin irritation to a minimum while using, delay hair regrowth for about two weeks and take the place of other shaving tools used daily. When you use one, less hair grows back and the hair follicles are thinner and show less. Instead of plucking and waxing, you can use an electric tool to remove hair, saving time for other things. Electrolysis, on the other hand, involves the use of an electrical current with the aim of permanently removing hair. These devices are available for home use outside of a salon but generally are not as powerful as professional machines.

Shaving and Hair Removal

At times, you may want to use traditional products, instead of epilators to remove hair. You have numerous items you can add to your arsenal of shaving and hair removal products. Clippers and trimmers are great for keeping a beard and sideburns in control or to remove hair from the back of the neck for those with short hairstyles. You'll need straight razors, compatible blades, and shaving cream and gels to keep your face and body shaved and smooth. In case you have concerns about hair on the upper lip, chin, or bikini area, purchase a waxing kit that has everything you need to stay hair-free.

Electric Tweezers

When you touch the tip of an electric tweezer to hair stubble, the machine sends an electric signal to stop it from growing. Some brands use laser light technology as the basis for hair removal. You can remove hair from under the arms, eyebrows, and other hard-to-shave areas. Power the machines using a replaceable or rechargeable battery.

Epilator Features

Products may include a rotating spiral or disc or heads with multiple tweezers. Cordless epilators designed for shower use do not tug at wet skin as much as when it's dry, which may reduce pain. Some brands include interchangeable heads so you can remove hair from different parts of the body. Two or more speed settings help you learn how to use the machine and adapt to pain. For convenience, corded devices, which never need recharging, are available as well.