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Epiphone Bass Guitars

Epiphone Bass Guitars

For more than 140 years, Epiphone has manufactured quality affordable guitars for players across all genres. It has been the guitar of choice for greats like Jack Casady of Jefferson Airplane and Bill Wyman of The Rolling Stones. Epiphone bass guitars make an excellent guitar for beginners and advanced players alike, with both designs with vintage inspirations as well as more modern basses. Even guitar collectors keep a watchful eye for an Epiphone.


Epiphone offers the sound of vintage bass guitars without the vintage price tag. From rich, meaty tones to solid, crispy thumps, the deep vibrations rival that of more expensive brands. There are also models that offer 4-string and 5-string options. Whether you play punk, metal, jazz, or rhythm and blues, the well-toned bass lines emanating from these bass guitars will set you apart.


A classic 3-point, fully adjustable bridge allows players to get a rich tone on the low end. There are open-gear bass tuners, die cast tuners, a 17:1 tuning ratio, and more. Choose from hard cases or soft cases to transport your instrument from gig to gig, anywhere you and your bass go.


There are plenty of Epiphone bass guitar accessories to put your guitar playing right where you want it to be. Experiment with sound and volume, and create music that is totally your own with the ProBucker or Shadow NanoFlex pickup. Stylish knobs control quality-made pickups for just about every genre.


Each Epiphone bass guitar uses quality wood in its construction. Whether it’s hard maple, mahogany or a walnut guitar you’re looking for, these basses are stylishly sleek. Bold colour choices or classic wood grain, radiatta body design or wide wings, low profiles, asymmetrical or tapered necks, there’s a comfortable fit for every player. If you’re interested in a more classic body design or something more modern and innovative, give Epiphone a try.