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Epiphone Electric Guitars

With a 140 year history and a pivotal role in every great music phase of the last century, it’s no wonder that people hear “Epiphone” and they think of them being legendary guitar makers. When the Beatles decided to buy American guitars, they chose Epiphone. They were followed in this preference by My Chemical Romance, The Strokes, Radiohead and Nirvana, with many choosing to use the iconic “Les Paul”, a pioneer model of the electric guitar. Today, many people continue to covet the assorted styles of Epiphone electric guitars.

Solid Body Electric Guitar

Epiphone solid body electric guitars include the classic “Les Paul” design and were favoured by such legends as Bob Marley, Jimmy Page and Led Zeppelin. The solid body shape gives this style of electric guitar the distinctive “high end bite” sound and is the most popular style of electric guitar due to their versatility.

Semi-Hollow Body Electric Guitar

Epiphone semi-hollow body electric guitars contain some chambering in the core, but are not completely hollow. This results in a distinctive sound that has become the signature of many rock legends such as Dave Grohl, Jack White and John Lennon.

Hollow Body Electric Guitar

A favourite of jazz musicians around the globe, Epiphone hollow electric guitars are known for producing a full and rich sound. If you’re looking for a guitar to pair with a distortion pedal or a loud amp then look for hollow body electric guitars.