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Epoxy Resin

Epoxy resin for solid repairs and future protection

If you need a strong, water-resistant adhesive to repair your surfboard or other fibreglass items, then a cracking epoxy resin will have you well on your way. The handy resin involves combining the core chemical with a hardener at the right ratio to perform a strong, resistant adhesive and fix damage to things that are put through harsh conditions.

Protection or repairs

If you want to protect something that has extreme conditions on the horizon, there are certainly worse things you could do than coating it with a layer of Epoxy resin for that extra barrier. On eBay you can find a number of resin kits that are perfect for this purpose, featuring a smooth laminate finish so the aesthetic value of your item isnt compromised.

The kits generally include several hardener options and instructions on how to create a system for mixing and applying your Epoxy resin for the results you require. Alternatively, there are high quality resins and hardeners on offer that are perfect for repairs in a number of surfaces. When something needs fixing, particularly fibreglass or plastic goods, there are few stronger fixes than the application of Epoxy to extend the lives of your goods.

Accessories and tools

Here on eBay, you can find numerous optional extras and tools for applying, modifying, and strengthening your resin even more. This includes compression tool rollers in various sizes for use on fibreglass or milled fibre that acts as a filler to add extra tensile properties to your Epoxy resin as you apply it.

Epoxy resin is generally designed for use with marine items like surfboards and boats, where protection and repairs are needed. In saying that, it can be used for fixing and strengthening more than you think, and should not be ignored as a possible solution when something needs fixing.