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Epson Dot Matrix Printer

Are you looking to invest in an ultra-fast Epson printer for your home or office? Epson dot matrix printers offer rock-solid reliability for high-volume printing, while being affordable to purchase and maintain. Epson has created a range of dot matrix printers that offer networking flexibility for modern work environments, as well as paper handling versatility to get the job done with ease.

How Does Dot Matrix Printing Work?

Dot matrix printing uses a print head that moves back and forth across the page and prints by impact, hence the often used term "impact printing." It strikes an ink-soaked cloth ribbon against the paper with letters, fonts and graphics drawn out of a dot matrix. While they have largely been replaced by the Epson inkjet printer and Epson thermal printer, they still have a number of advantages that makes them highly valuable in today's world.

Advantages of Dot Matrix Printers

Dot matrix printers tend to be more affordable to purchase than inkjet or thermal Epson printers, and cheaper to operate with fresh ribbons the only real maintenance required. Their rugged and robust physical structure makes them ideal in industrial settings or restaurant kitchens, as well as in IT security as they can sequentially print log entries, creating a hard copy that cannot be altered by remote attacks on the system.

Fast and Reliable

Epson dot matrix computer printers are ideal if you're running a trade business, warehouse operation or car dealership with rapid print speeds and reliability to make light work of a range of different printing tasks. Print listings, orders, invoices and labels with ease and in large print volumes. Epson's dot matrix printers are designed to be extremely robust and simple to use, even for those with limited tech experience.

System Integration

If you require continuous paper and multi-part stationery printing, Epson creates fast and highly reliable dot matrix printers for office environments. They are economical to run with a low power consumption, having been qualified by ENERGY STAR for their outstanding energy efficiency. They are also easy to integrate into your system with Parallel, Serial and USB interfaces as standard.