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Epson Home Video Projectors

Epson Home Video Projectors

Bring the magic of the cinema into your living room with Epson home video projectors. High-quality Epson video projectors offer plenty of features that make home viewing even more exciting, with stereo sound, high-resolution images, and user-friendly projector designs. These arent the projectors of the past; high-tech devices support high-definition viewing for rich colours, incredible details, and immersive sound.

Get Connected

One of the main factors to consider when purchasing video projectors is what kind of connections the projector uses. The most widely used connection is an HDMI connection. Using an HDMI connection means you can connect your projector to any device, including a computer, smartphone, or gaming console. Some projectors use DVI to connect to peripherals, while VGA connections arent used as much anymore.

Feature Presentation

Epson projectors arent short on features. In fact, these portable and user-friendly projectors offer exciting ways to watch content. Some designs offer 4K viewing for the optimum in picture quality, while others include a lens that lets you shift as well as zoom when desired. Bluetooth audio means more portable sound options, while colour brightness adds a layer of brightness to colours to create more visually appealing content. High contrast ratio lets you see more colours, and wide ranging connectivity means you can hook your projector up to almost any devices, including cameras or tuners.

Life in 3D

Enrich your viewing experience with 3D technology. Epson projectors offer rechargeable 3D glasses that enable you to view detailed, bright 3D images, and the projector itself actually can convert 2D content to 3D as you watch it, so you dont have to have specific 3D content to enjoy the 3D feature. This makes even regular TV even more fun to watch, and you dont require any special equipment to access this feature.

Make a Resolution

Enjoy high-definition resolution with a Epson 1080p home video projector and a variety of image aspect ratios to choose from, including Epson 16:9 home video projectors. An aspect ratio is essentially the width of the screen versus its height. In laymans terms, a 4:3 ratio is a full screen ratio, while a 16:9 ratio is a widescreen aspect ratio. With just the right resolution and aspect ratio, youll have the image you desire. /p