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Epson Printers give you consistently clear copies

If you want a reliable, feature-rich printer, Epson is always a solid performer. As one of the most recognisable brands in the world of digital printing, the firm produces a wide range of printers, from basic models for the home, right up to heavy duty units suitable for business use. With a printer unit available for all budgets, you are sure to find a quality, price-efficient device to meet all your printing requirements.

Epson Printers

Epson's current and historic product line includes Expression, SureColour, WorkForce, Artisan, Stylus, PictureMate, and a number of other models. The range features standalone printers, which perform the single task of printing, wireless printers, and also multifunction all-in-one printers. These perform printing, photocopying and scanning duties. In addition, you will find both inkjet and laser printer varieties, inkjet being the most common for home use, and laser being more commonly used in office environments.

Extras and Accessories

You will find that many of Epson's printer products include a number of additional features, such as easy to use tools to help you print photographs and print onto different paper sizes. In many cases, the software will come bundled with the printer, allowing you to create impressive documents, or create photo albums. Typical features will also include an SD card slot (so you can easily print directly from your storage media), Wi-Fi, and Quiet Mode, which allows you to print at a low sound level.

Epson Ink and Toner

Aside from inkjet printer and laser units, Epson also provides a full range of printer ink and toner cartridges. This includes both black and white and colour ink options for a variety of purposes, such as printing photography, fast printing, or general office use.

One such example is DuraBrite Ultra, an ink that has been specially designed to be quick drying and resilient to smudging. It is recommended that prior to purchasing ink or toner, you ensure you have the correct printer model number to match the ink since compatibility can vary from unit to unit.