Equestrian Body Protectors

Equestrian Body Protectors

Whether you are just starting out with riding lessons or you compete in professional races, equestrian body protectors are an essential part of your riding kit. This protective equipment shields you from blows when you're accidentally kicked or falling off your horse. When shopping for equestrian body protectors, reflective riding vests and riding helmets, you need to take into account the kind of riding you intend to perform as well as your exact dimensions.

High Level of Protection

Even though wearing protective gear isn't compulsory when horse riding, these items provide you the appropriate level of protection for your back, head and vital organs should an accident happen. Moreover, if you're participating in certain competitions such as cross-country, body protectors may be compulsory, and the required level of protection may differ from one event to another. An equestrian body protector covers your entire torso and back, so it protects your internal ribs and organs in the event of a fall.


Some of the essential features to look for in an equestrian body protector include a good level of support in the chest or bust area, a high degree of ventilation to keep you cool when riding, and adjustable straps so you can customise the body protector to suit your torso and back. Most body protectors have zip fastening on the front and may also come with adjustable touch and close straps for extra adjustments.


Equestrian body protectors typically feature a polyester outer lining and mesh lining for enhanced ventilation. Many models also include protective materials such as PVC nitrile, and they are machine-washable for easy care. Others come with flexible moulds that embrace the contours of your body so you can get the perfect fit.


Due to the anatomical differences between men's and women's torsos, equestrian body protectors have different designs for male and female models. If you're a woman, look for a body protector designed specifically to fit the female body for a good fit and comfort while riding.