Ergon ensure that even while out riding you are best positioned for total body support and comfort with ergonomic bike accessories. 

When cycling, different parts of your body interact with different parts of the bicycle. The way in which all of this is set-up has an impact on your body and the efficiency of your travel. Ergon exists to match the bike to the human body. The design of Ergon products takes on the form of the human body which leads to a better distribution of opposing forces. The parts of the bike will avoid unpleasant pressure points and other discomforts, so you have a more enjoyable, and healthier ride. 

The handlebars are a vitally important part of your bicycle and should be very comfortable, Ergon handlebars go well beyond this. The physiological adaptation of ergonomic handlebars make your bicycle exceptionally user-friendly and comfortable. 

The next important component and one that can cause a lot of discomfort on long rides is the seat. Ergon Saddles and Seats help direct your joint position, range of motion, and overall posture. They can optimise misalignments, and the associated pains will become a thing of the past. The seating area is the most sensitive region of the body and often leads to discomfort, numbness and saddle problems while cycling. You won't know how you rode before Ergon! 

Ergon offers a range of products and materials with specific properties for the various contact points of your bicycle. With better contact to the bicycle, you have better control. Find a range of Ergon products at amazing prices on eBay now and make your ride a more comfortable one.