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Ergotron Monitor Stand

Ergotron Monitor Stands

One aspect of your computer desk that is easy to ignore, but may be the most important of all, is the configuration of your monitor. With an Ergotron monitor stand, you gain ultimate control over your monitor viewing experience. Ergotron makes high quality desk and wall mounts that can hold all kinds of LCD monitors. Large, durable monitor arms provide a wide range of swivel ability that makes it easy to adjust your screen to nearly any place you need it. Whether you have a single screen or a dual monitor setup, an Ergotron monitor stand is easy to install and ergonomically healthy and efficient.

Desk Mounts

Ergotron desk mounts provide a simple solution that saves ample space on your desk and makes it easy to adjust your monitor in a wide variety of ways. Strong and durable, they can hold up to 18 kilograms or more, so you can attach any size monitor and have it safely held in place. The crossbow design allows for dual monitor setups to move simultaneously, thereby making monitor adjustments as customisable as possible. Simple installation ensure that anyone can connect up the desk mount without trouble.

Wall Mounts

Computer monitor wall mounts offer many of the same benefits as a desk mount; the only difference is you attach it directly to a nearby wall, which saves even more desktop space. You can connect small, medium, and large monitors to an Ergotron wall mounts, as well as dual monitor setups. Ergotron mounts install easily and have been professionally tested to last 10 times longer than the competitor’s mounts.

Ergonomic Benefits

Ergonomic design is what makes Ergotron monitor stands different from the rest. Efficiency and safety are at the heart of everything made by Ergotron, and its desk and wall mounts ensure safe installation of your monitor and efficient use of space. The sleek design and adjustment capabilities of the monitor stands make it simple to position your screen in virtually any configuration, ensuring comfort for your eyes and neck as a computer stand would. This means better health for you and more efficiency in your work.