Make Your Role Play Real With Erotic Clothing

To spice up your sex life, or integrate erotic clothing into your everyday wear, browse the listings on eBay for erotic clothing. Covering a wide range of materials and fetishes, erotic clothing can be just what you need to make your 9-to-5 more stimulating.

Types of role play outfits you can find on eBay

To add to your enjoyment, eBay offers a range of accessories to complement role play outfits. Dress as a dominatrix in wet-look PVC and wield a whip, paddle, and clamps, or play the ingénue in delicate lace and satin nightwear. You can find affordable French maid outfits with wipe-clean aprons, and full latex catsuits with zippered masks and hoods.

What materials can you choose for your erotic clothing?

Catering to all tastes and desires, eBay listings include all types of materials. Each tends to fall into a specific category, so consider:

  • Bondage clothing: Ranging from strategically-placed straps to full-body coverage with hoods, gloves, and masks, bondage clothing is often made from PVC or latex, with restraints constructed from more robust materials like leather and faux leather.
  • Fetish lingerie: From the classic corset and suspenders to restrictive leather kickers with a butt plug or dildo attached, fetish lingerie is available for both men and women.
  • Erotic underwear: Lace, fishnets, satin, and see-through - erotic lingerie can be paired with officewear for that sexy secretary look, or worn on its own to kick-off the evening's entertainment.
Additional features offered by erotic clothing

As well as the tactile enjoyment of leather, lace, and PVC, erotic clothing and role play outfits on eBay can also come with the following features:

  • Lacing: Most commonly available as women's lingerie, laced erotic outfits can come as individual pieces or full-body stockings.
  • Crotchless: Categorised on eBay as 'bottomless', crotchless clothing is open at the crotch area to allow for easy access and stimulating visuals.
  • Zipper: As well as securing the outfit on the body, this type of clothing is designed to offer physical access at strategic points like the crotch, chest, and butt.
  • Lifting: Suitable for both men and women, erotic clothing with lifting properties raises and restrains the groin, breast, or butt, depending on the outfit chosen.
  • Water-resistance: Generally made from leather, faux leather, PVC, or latex, water-resistant erotic outfits give tactile as well as visual pleasure.
Can you wear erotic clothing as part of your workwear?

Yes. If you work in a uniformed or vanilla industry - or would rather keep your sexual tastes private - consider erotic underwear that can be hidden underneath your clothes. Adding a frisson to your daily activities, crotchless knickers or small clamps can be hidden as part of the seduction process.