Get quality café style coffee in your very own home with a milk frother

There is nothing better than being able to make your own coffee on a Sunday morning or even before work without having to leave the house. Having a milk frother and esspresso machine at home could save you $3 to $4 per day and hundreds of dollars per year. Automatic coffee machines make coffee to an amazing standard - a milk frother is the icing on the cake, you won't even miss your usual barista made coffee.

Full café style coffee machines can be messy, time consuming, fiddly and take up a lot of kitchen bench space. Automatic espresso machines do the work in the press of a button, making the perfect coffee over and over. Adding a milk warmer to your coffee station in the kitchen will ensure that your coffee stays hot, you don't burn the milk and you never use too much.

Milk frother types

eBay have a range of milk frothers available from completely automatic models that you simply add milk and press the button to manual frothers giving you more options as to how much you froth you milk. There are two main configurations, the first is a milk frother that agitates the milk getting air into it as it is warming creating foaming the milk. The second is an injection of steam into the milk warming and creating foamy milk at the same time.

For those who are looking for a simpler all in one way to make a coffee there are options that allow you to add instant coffee to the milk warmer itself, creating a quick and easy coffee in just one step with no additional and expensive automatic coffee makers required.

Manual frothers are also available, they are operated by a hand pump or motorised whisk that is inserted into the milk to inject air into the milk creating the foam that we all know and love - just add coffee.

Not just for coffee

Although we often think of frothed milk as being in coffee, if you or someone you know aren't a coffee drinker or just love a nice hot chocolate on a cold winters night - a milk warmer is the perfect accessory to creating the best hot chocolate in your very own home.