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The Estelle brand was created in 2003 alongside Stella. The team they have created in Melbourne is passionate about stylish fashion. Their goal is to create clothing that caters to every woman. It isn’t just the Australian market that has been taken by storm by Estelle. They’ve taken the international market by storm, too. Despite this, the company is still staffed by a small team of fashion enthusiasts, designers, sales experts, and pattern makers. This team works hard to empower and inspire, themselves and their customers. To ensure a perfect fit, Estelle works with size 16 models and offers sizes from 14 to 22. You can find workwear basics, everyday fashion, as well as seasonal essentials, and formalwear, too. 

If Estelle clothing and the women who wear it could be summed up in just two words those words would be modern and confident. The Estelle woman has spent years developing her style, finding an authentic look that makes her look and feel amazing. This professional, hard-working woman is always on the lookout for clothing that will carry her from work to dinner to errands and beyond. A fashion lover, she knows that it isn’t just about the clothing that you wear. How you wear it matters just as much.

Estelle Tops for Women

When shopping for clothing, women want tops that fit well, feel comfortable, inspire confidence, and look great. It’s not much to ask when it’s something you’re going to wear often and for the foreseeable future. Whatever your size, you should feel confident and comfortable in the clothing that you wear. This is something we all deserve. You deserve clothing that works for you. 

Estelle tops come in a variety of shapes, designs, and sizes to cater to all women. Estelle offers breezy sheer blouses, as well as patterned tunics. Estelle doesn’t cater to just one type of woman or one style of fashion. Rather, Estelle creates tops that you can wear every day, there are tops for workwear basics, formalwear, and seasonal items. A floral print kaftan is versatile, perfectly combined with jeans and sneakers or shorts and thongs. A tunic top offers flowing comfort and full coverage to keep your skin covered and protected from the sun.

You can find an Estelle top to wear to the beach, to support you through barbecue season, and for work, too. There is an Estelle top for every need and style. 

Estelle Coats, Jackets, & Vests

A short-sleeve jacket is a great option for everyday workwear. It’s a nice change of pace from typical workwear and is sure to garner compliments. A velvet jacket isn’t just for work, it can make a lovely cover-up for a dress, blouse and skirt or, to level up your suit to a more formal feel. Estelle also offers a range of leather jackets. No wardrobe is complete without a slick leather jacket. You will have plenty to choose from so you’re sure to find the right style and fit for your personality, needs, and desires.

A button-up long coat is a great cover-up for formal events or for everyday wear. You can have fun with Estelle coats and jackets, too. The floral bomber jacket is fun and fashionable. It looks great with jeans, a t-shirt, and sneakers. Or, to toss on as cover-up on a cooler evening when your shorts and tank top just aren’t enough. It’s lightweight enough to wear in the warmer evenings and warm enough to keep you warm in cooler weather. If you want a heavier jacket to keep the cold out, then a patchwork blazer is a good bet. 

Estelle coats, jackets, and vests aren’t just for fashion. There are functional options in heavier Estelle coats. Function doesn’t mean you’re forced to forfeit fashion. That’s the beauty of Estelle coats, jackets, and vests. You can get a jacket, coat or vest that provides both fashion and function. 

Estelle Dresses for Women

There’s a good reason for great dresses. Dresses help you beat the heat come warm weather and they make you look effortlessly cool. A patterned shirt dress can be worn on its own to the beach, garden parties, barbecues or around the house. It’s versatile, though, which means you can throw on a pair of leggings and continue wearing it when the mercury dips lower. 

Nothing beats a sundress for casual daily wear. Yet, a sundress isn’t just a casual item of clothing. Sundresses look amazing for just about every occasion. With the right shoes and accessories, your chosen sundress can tick any box you want it to. The same can be said for a crossover dress. 

If you are looking for a dress that ticks the occasion wear box, then you will have plenty to choose from. A silk floral dress, a Maurie and Eve designer or, a sleeveless red A-line dress, any of these stunning Estelle items would be a suitable choice for a formal event or occasion. If you’re looking for a long-length traditional formal dress, then a one-shoulder navy dress is ideal. 

Getting ready for party season, but don’t need to be too formal? Then a stretch empire dress meets those requirements. If you’re looking for something a bit more casual, then consider one of Estelle’s multi-coloured stripe dresses or a black and white patterned summer dress. Finally, a ruffle collar floral dress can serve both casual and smart casual needs. 

Don’t allow tradition to dictate your fashion choices, whatever the time of year. You should shop for clothes that make you feel as great as you look. Comfort and function are just as important as fashion, and you can get all of that with Estelle clothing. Do you like the sound of Estelle clothing? Do you sound like an Estelle woman? Make it official by shopping the full range of Estelle clothing on eBay. You’ll find plenty of variety in the tops, dresses, skirts, and pants to choose from. You can choose from an assortment of materials, designs, patterns, cuts, and colours.