Celebrate the past with exonumia

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Exonumia medals, coins, and pendants

Over the centuries exonumia medals, coins, and pendants have been used for an amazing variety of uses. Running the gamut from rewards for brave combat all the way to exonumia tokens for cigarettes and coffee, and as such exonumia can be almost any non-official currency you can imagine.

Objects of exonumia were pressed in a huge variety of metals too, from prestigious platinum, gold and silver coins to more common metals, like iron, steel and bronze, with beautiful examples of each available to enhance your collectors cabinet.

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Stunning collectables from across time

Although many objects of exonumia were crafted to reward or be traded, a great many of these medals, coins, and tokens were designed to be collectable, celebrating momentous occasions like major sporting events, state visits, scientific achievements, and even the latest blockbuster movies.

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