Selecting the Right Expanding Garden Hoses for Your Garden

Expandable hoses make it easy for anyone to store hoses without having to make extra space. The equipment is made from waterproof materials that expand when filled with water and retract when water is released. An expandable hose can be used in gardens or for general outdoor cleaning, but the products are capable of handling a myriad of other water-carrying needs.

Why purchase an expandable hose on eBay?

High-quality expandable hoses can be purchased used or brand-new. Used hoses offer the same benefits as newer ones. Both are made of durable waterproof materials that contract when not filled with liquid. This makes the expanding hose pipe easy to store and also prevents tangles. Whether the expanding hose pipe is 15 metres or 30 metres in length, when it retracts it takes up little space and does not require coiling assistance.

How much can you expect an expandable hose pipe to stretch?

Depending on the manufacturer, an expandable garden hose can expand up to three times its length. A typical expandable garden hose is constructed of latex, nylon, or polyester. These materials are engineered to expand to accommodate water pressure. If you need a hose with a longer length, then you can purchase two hoses and pair them together using brass fittings or other connectors. If you are looking for a hose that can handle tough conditions, such as cooler weather or rough terrain, then choose a multi-layer hose or one with more than one latex core.

What accessories are available for expandable hose pipes?

Having an expanding hose is advantageous because it offers you a range of options. Regardless of the manufacturer, you can find expandable hoses that pair with spray nozzles, irrigation devices like sprinklers, and specialised tools like wands, auto washing equipment, and even hydroponic garden equipment. Some manufacturers offer a storage bag and others offer extra washers, and other fittings. These features and accessories are the most common. Some amazing expanding hoses and general-use expanding hose pipes offer the following:

  • Built-in shut-off valve
  • High water pressure rating
  • Brass fittings
  • Self-draining
Reasons to buy a new expandable hose

A high-quality, pre-owned hose pipe that expands may be less costly than a high-quality new hose. In addition, a pre-owned expanding hose is typically easy to ship, lightweight, and pre-stretched, which means you can use it right out of the box. However, buying a new expandable hose does offer a few additional benefits such as:

  • Up-to-date design and features
  • Accessories included