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Exped Camping Sleeping Mats

Spending time in the great outdoors usually requires making do with little home comforts, including going to sleep at night. Camping sleeping mats are often extremely thin that make you feel like you're sleeping on the ground. Thankfully, Exped have a suburb range of camping mattresses that will help you get comfortable and have a good night's sleep even in the most extreme and rough conditions.

Are There Different Kinds of Exped Sleeping Mats?

Exped know that everyone's outdoor adventures are different and that many limit themselves with the amount of gear they can carry. Camping sleeping mats with inflatable mattress are definitely a good way to get comfortable if you have the space.

  • SIM Comfort range lightweight mats: These mats self-inflate and come in either single or double size. The double size mat can fold over for extra comfort. They come in a roll top bag with carry strap and a mini pump is included.
  • Megamats: When weight is not so much of an issue you can go for one of the Megamat series. Megamats are new generation self-inflating mats that provide a level sleeping surface. You can feel much more cosy on one of these as they are thicker and big on warmth, comfort and size.
  • Multimat: The thinnest and most lightweight option is the Multimat series, which is great as a versatile option to take on expeditions. They are not inflatable like the other Exped sleeping mats and are made of waterproof EVA foam with 40D ripstop nylon. You can use a Multimat as a light sleeping pad, picnic mat or tent liner.

Are the Exped Sleeping Mats Suitable for Camping at High Altitudes?

Megamats offer exceptional warmth and comfort that the other mats don't provide and are suitable in very cold temperatures. You can also look at the other special expedition series of sleeping mats:

  • Downmat: The Downmat has top quality down insulation and comes in a waterproof sack that also works as a pump and compression bag. You can inflate these in just two minutes.
  • Hypersleep: These camping mats are really lightweight and great for all four seasons as a thin mat, but are especially useful on expeditions as a base to other sleeping mats for extra comfort.

Does Exped Make Other Camping Equipment?

Not only do Exped make excellent sleeping mats, they have a range of other great outdoors gear suitable for your next adventure. You can find backpacks, walking poles, tents, hammocks, ponchos and a selection of camping accessories.