Extension Ladders

How many times have you needed to reach something or fix something on the ceiling or the roof, only to find that you dont have a ladder tall enough? An extension ladder or telescopic ladder is the versatile piece of equipment every household needs. It can extend to numerous heights and fold down to a compact length that is easy to transport and easy to pack away without taking up too much room. eBay has plenty of extension ladder options available online every day to help you take care of business at home or on the job site.

What to consider when buying an extension ladder online

If youre looking to purchase an extension ladder online, there are a few things to bear in mind when making a decision. Firstly, check exactly how tall the telescopic ladder is when fully extended and how small it is when its folded down. This will be particularly important if you need to transport it regularly and bring it with you to work sites.

Its also essential to the check the ladders weight capacity and to choose one made from a durable and preferably rust-proof material. Another handy feature on any extension ladder is slip proof feet and textured rungs designed to improve safety and stability.

View an extended range of ladders and construction equipment when you shop online with eBay

If youd like to view some options outside of the telescopic ladder range, you can shop a huge variety of ladders online with eBay. From aluminium ladders to wooden and fibreglass ladders of all different shapes, sizes and designs, youre sure to find something suitable for your purposes.

Narrow down your search according to ladder type, material, brand, condition and more so you can find the tool you need at a price that suits your budget. Shop online today with eBay to make your daily tasks easier.