Eye Drops & Eye Wash Products

Take care of your peepers with eye drops and eye wash products from eBay

Taking care of your eyes can actually help with your health in general. Studies show that people who have good vision have been found to be less likely to suffer from diabetes, health problems, high blood pressure and stroke.

But it's more than just finding the right women's sunglasses or men's eyeglasses to protect your eyes. It’s important to choose eye drops or eye wash products specifically designed for your needs.

Eye drops versus eye wash

Eye drops can treat a variety of problems, from infection to minor eye injury, red eyes or dry eyes. There are three main types.

Allergy drops: If you suffer from seasonal allergies, allergy eye drops can help alleviate the itching and redness caused by pollen, mould, pet dander, and so on. They actually include an antihistamine in them, helping to prevent allergy symptoms.

  • Artificial tears: If you experience dry eyes and need to add some moisture, these drops mimic real tears and include electrolytes that can help heal your eye’s surface.
  • Anti-redness drops: These drops have an ingredient in them that’s called a vasoconstrictor – which shrinks blood vessels on your eye’s surface and takes away any redness.      The important thing when buying anti-redness drops is that you shouldn’t use them for more than a few days at a time – or they could make your symptoms worse.
  • Eye wash works as an irrigation solution. It’s used to clean and refresh sore and tired eyes and can be very effective for removing foreign objects, pollen and even chlorine if you’re been swimming. It helps to relieve burning and itching, stinging and any discomfort.

Do your research

With a large variety of eye drops and eye wash products to buy online every day, eBay is the place to turn when you need some help tackling eye-related issues. For any major issues, consult a medical professional. But if you just need some help flushing out some bits and pieces or other minor assistance, the right eye wash and eye drops might just do the trick.