Eyelash Extensions

Eye-catching eyelash extensions for every fashionista

Keen to look and feel glamorous all day long? Eyelash extensions are a great option without you even having to step foot into a salon.

If you are dreaming of thicker and longer eyelashes, or just simply some more natural looking lashes such as Silk or Mink, there is a type of lash extension just right for you. From everyday eyelash extensions to lavish night looks, discover your must-have eyelashes here on eBay.

Individual and cluster lash extensions

For longer lasting and more customized eyelash extensions, why not try individual lashes or clustered lashes. Try applying some cluster lashes or individuals to the end of your eyes to intensify your natural lashes, or simply add a few eyelash extensions in-between areas of your lashes to fill in any gaps, for a fuller and thicker lash look and feel.

Either way, you can apply these eyelash extensions however you want to suit your own needs. Apply first thing in the morning, to stay glam all day (and all night) long.

Strip lash extensions

Full set, lightweight, eyelash strips are a great substitute for creating easy, wearable, everyday lashes that you can effortlessly apply and remove when necessary for a natural look. To intensify your natural strip lashes, try adding some eye make-up and mascara to exaggerate your look and increase the thickness of your lashes.

Alternatively, there are many volume lashes that you can try for a more vivid and dramatic look. You can experiment with different strip styles without having to stick to one type, as most eyelash strips are also reusable. A new set of eyelash extensions will make a cracking gift and there are countless varieties to choose from.

Lash Adhesive

Be sure to keep your flawless eyelash extensions in place by investing in a reliable eyelash adhesive. Many eyelash extensions will come within a full set including lash glue, but if not, you can purchase this separately on eBay.

Use oil-free makeup remover on your eyelash extensions to avoid any possible breakdown of the lash adhesive.