Eyelash Tools

Get luscious lashes with eyelash tools

If youre hankering after the mega lashes modelled by your favourite red carpet celebs; similar results can be achieved when you invest in some decent eyelash tools. Most mascaras used by themselves cant achieve the same looks that you get when using eyelash extensions and tools.

Beginners and professionals alike can find all sorts of makeup tools on eBay, including eyelash curlers, gel, primer and tweezers. No matter what experience level youre at, you can get a luscious lash flick thatll make all your friends jealous.

Eyelash toolkits

Whether you want super curved lashes or pure volume, an eyelash toolkit is a great investment for achieving a range of eye makeup styles. A beginner starter kit such as Annie Almine has everything to experiment with your eyelashes. Some include the eyelash stainless steel eyelash tools, brushes and curlers to create the best eyelash extensions or full volume eyelash looks to your liking.

Eyelash extension kits

At the other end of the spectrum, practising makeup artists or health and beauty trainees may want to look at a professional eyelash extension kit on eBay. These lashes kits contain everything you could wish for to express your creativity. With individual curved lashes, glue applications to multi-lashes, you can get everything in one handy multi-tray carry case to keep things safe and tidy.

False eyelashes

If your lashes lack a bit of lustre or volume, a set of false eyelashes may help enhance your natural beauty while making you look more alert.

Simply use the adhesive and applicator to apply a lash and youll have a thick, glossy look in no time. Brush out the lashes or use a curler to create a glamorous visage thats guaranteed to turn heads at a party. Get some remover when purchasing your makeup to help it come off with ease.