Protect Yourself and Look Stylish Using Eyepatches or Glasses Patches

An eyepatch or medical covering for glasses can help you in a variety of ways. If you need to cover one of your eyes or use a patch to assist you in correcting a medical problem, you will find a range of affordable coverings for sale on eBay. Understanding some of the common types of eyepatches or glasses patches you can buy will help you find the right ones.

Types of eye patches you can buy

There are different kinds of eye patches that are suitable for various needs. You can choose the type of new or secondhand medical eye patch that fits your needs. Here are some of the more common versions of the patch that you will find on eBay:

  • Blackout - If you need to prevent all light from entering your eye, a medical patch that is fully black and uses thick fibres may be a good option for you.
  • Clear - The clear eyepatch for adults or children still covers the pupil, but it allows some light into the eye. Observers speaking to you can still see your eye behind this kind of patch. This might be a good option if you need to correct problems such as double vision.
How do you attach medical eye patches for adults or children?

The attachment options for medical patches that adults and kids use can vary according to their purposes.

  • Glasses - If you wear glasses but need to cover one lens, you can get funny or cute eyepatches for kids and adults that slip over the frames. This kind of new or used patch fits snugly over the lens frame and part of the arm of your glasses.
  • Standard - Should you need to wear a standard medical patch over one eye, you can use an elastic strap to position it securely in place and make sure it is comfortable.
Choosing designs for your medical patch

You can get new and secondhand medical patches that are suitable for use as eye coverings. If you find several designs on eBay that you like, purchasing preowned patches can be an affordable choice that lets you build a collection you can mix and match with any outfit. Some common designs that kids might enjoy include fish, woodland animals, superheroes, or sport themes. Adults can enjoy these kinds of eyepatches as well, but standard colours or patterns are also available. Should you need to cover both eyes, you can get masks for sleeping.