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With all products sourced, manufactured and designed in Bali, Indonesia, Faithfull the Brand creates beautiful garments inspired by the sun and exotic locations. Loved for the variety of their beautiful lifestyle clothing, Faithfull the Brand began as a small husband and wife team and remains a family-run business today.

Offering a range of beautiful garments such as dresses, skirts, tops, pants and shorts, swimwear and plenty of accessories, each design is carefully considered and made with real women in mind. 

They’re also an extremely ethical brand, supporting Indonesian workers with quality working conditions, and developing long relationships with local farmers and suppliers. Faithfull the Brand are proud to have a little bit of Bali in every garment they create, and even prouder to support the people and local economy of Indonesia.

For beautiful styles made for living in, check out the Faithfull the Brand range today!

Inspired by travel and sun

Many of the designs found in Faithfull the Brand’s collection are inspired by travel to far-away places. Whether inspired by local markets or exotic, off-the grid locations, there is something natural and beautiful in the creation of all designs. Many of the stylish prints you see will be found during the designers’ travels, capturing a sense of freedom and adventure that can be passed down through each garment.

From floral patterns to rich, earthly colours, Faithfull the Brand encourages you to embrace the beauty of the world around us and live our lives to the fullest. There’s a tropical feel to all the designs, and the lightweight materials used are ideal for summer – very much inspired by the tropical location in which all the designs come to life!

Dresses for Women

An exotic blend of classic styles and innovative, modern design choices fill the range of dresses from Faithfull the Brand. Made for the laidback woman who enjoys a relaxed lifestyle but still searches for beauty in her clothes, the variety of dresses on offer is remarkable.

You’ll find everything here including playful mini dresses, beautiful midis and even maxi dresses inspired by the sun. The patterns and prints available are all bright and vibrant, just like your personality! Stunning summer dresses for all occasions, keeping traditional comfort right alongside modern style trends.

For your next beautiful summer dress, look no further than the gorgeous selections available from Faithfull the Brand.

Tops for all occasions

Whether you’re strolling the beach or relaxing with friends, there’s something for everybody in Faithfull the Brand’s range of women’s tops. Built for summer, these breezy, lightweight tops not only look great but are perfectly functional for a busy summer lifestyle.

You’ll find a gorgeous range of wrap tops that give you a touch of elegance in the sun while maintaining maximum comfort. If you like to show off those abs you’ve been working on, there’s some playful crop tops and even tied crop tops for an extra funky summer look.

You’ll even find heaps of effortless button up shirts on offer, which look great at any time of year – especially when easily thrown over your swimsuit to get a bit of coverage from the sun!

Jumpsuits, rompers and playsuits

If you like beautiful floral patterns, earthy colours and modern fashion designs all in one gorgeous outfit, you’ve found it right here with Faithfull the Brand’s selection of jumpsuits and rompers

By combining the effortless look of a dress with the comfort and functionality of pants, these items are great for today’s busy, modern woman. You can hit the shops, catch up with friends, or relax on the beach in these beautiful jumpsuits. They’re even classy enough that you could wear them at work. 

Made for living it up in comfort and style, you can’t go past the jumpsuits on offer from Faithfull the Brand.

Bottoms up!

When the summer comes around and you’re looking forward to spending more time in the sun, you’ve got a couple of options. Dresses, obviously, but what if that’s not really your style? Many women enjoy the comfort of wearing tops combined with skirts, shorts or pants, because you can mix and match and create your own unique style.

Faithfull the Brand offer plenty of skirts, and all of them feature the trademark colourful brilliance of every other garment in the collection. Prints inspired by nature, you’ll be looking bright and ready for summer fun in these skirts. You’ll also find a great mix of mini, midi and longer flowing skirts to suit your own style preference.

You’ll also find a gorgeous selection of shorts that you can pair with your favourite tops – you’re in control of your look, and you can even pair it with other Faithfull the Brand items to make sure you’re matching perfectly.

Pants are available too – just because the sun is out, that doesn’t mean you don’t enjoy the comfort of some lightweight, breezy pants to give you some respite from the sun. Comfort is at a premium here, and you’ll love the wide leg varieties that go beautifully with any outfit.

Faithfull swimwear

What would a beach inspired lifestyle brand be without an amazing range of swimwear? Style and beauty come first in the Faithfull the Brand collection of swimwear. Created with the belief that bright colours and vibrant patterns can bring out the summer fun in anybody, this swimwear range is great for the woman who wants to look and feel great whenever they hit the beach or poolside.

If bikinis are your style, you’re going to love the creations from Faithfull the Brand. Everything from bright polka dots to incredible floral designs are here for you to browse, and they come in a diverse choice of styles. Bikini bottoms with high waists, string-tied sides, beautiful ruffles and everything else imaginable. 

If a one-piece is more your style, you get all the same beautiful colours and designs to have you feeling supported, confident and beautiful when it’s time to hit the surf. Faithfull the Brand don’t just make their swimwear for models. No matter what your size and shape, you deserve to feel amazing and get out there rocking some beautiful swimwear, and Faithfull the Brand gives you every chance under the sun to live your best life!