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FCS Surfing Equipment

Introduced to Australia in 1992 and globally released two years later, FCS offers surfing equipment that changes the way people use the surfboard. FCS is not only the brand name of a surf product line, but it is also a type of fin control system. This detachable fin system is the brainchild of four surfers who had a hand in radically changing the surfboard industry. Having already won more than 30 ASP world titles and numerous other competition awards, this fin removal system allows surfers to have more control over how they use the surfboard.

FCS Surfing Boards

FCS does not make surfing boards, it offers products to make surfing boards better. Sometimes people may refer to a surfboard as an FCS surfboard; however, these people are likely referring to a board with aftermarket FCS fins and components. Unlike many other surfing equipment brands, FCS surfing boards utliise a patented six-plug fin control technology that puts more power in the hands of the surfer. Not only can people transport their boards more easily with the detachable fins, but the unique fin technology also gives surfboard users the chance to change up their board to fit different surf conditions.

FCS FIn Systems

FCS fin systems are unique surfboard enhancements that allows people more versatility over the type and placement of surfboard fins. The FCS detachable fin system design is one that utilises two fin tabs that lock into a securing plug, which, in turn, secures the fin to the surfboard. Set screws hold the plug in place and give users the ability to tighten or remove the plug with either an Allen wrench or fin key.


In 2013, advancements in the FCS fin control system technology brought about the age of the FCS II detachable fin system. This new FCS II eliminates the need for a key and creates a more seamless fit than the original version. FCS offers a variety of surf and racing fin models that include the popular FCS X-2, FC Fusion, and FCS longboard fin models. The new FCS fins are also backward compatible with all other dual-tab FCS fins.

FCS Surfing Accessories

FCS offers a wide range of accessories to enhance surfing pleasure. Popular FCS surfing accessories include surfboard leashes, surfboard traction tools, luggage, in-water apparel, booties, gloves, and surfboard covers. FCS even offers tie-downs and other accessories for the auto to make transporting surfboards more efficient and secure.

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